A new defense line in Kharkiv region, elections in occupied Donetsk, the beginning of Ramadan and women’s rugby championship in Australia — the main photo news of the week


The main news of this week was the first Oscar in the history of Ukraine, numerous attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities, and military operations in the Russian border areas. Look at these and other events in the world in Zaborona’s traditional photo selection by the bild editor Pavlo Bishko.


Donetsk, Ukraine

New York City

Brownsville, Texas

Basra, Iraq

Gruenheide, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Los Angeles, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Shenyang, China

Bali, Indonesia

Gaza Strip

Kyiv, Ukraine

Jakarta, Indonesia

Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Paris, France

Bogota, Colombia

Belgorod, Russia

Perth, Australia

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