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“They’re Shooting. Sort of like Rocket Launcher. Sorry for Everything… “. Diary of the Shelling in Severodonetsk. Week One

“They’re Shooting. Sort of like Rocket Launcher. Sorry for Everything… “. Diary of the Shelling in Severodonetsk. Week One

Svitlana Stepanchuk
“They’re Shooting. Sort of like Rocket Launcher. Sorry for Everything… “. Diary of the Shelling in Severodonetsk. Week One

“Until February 24, 2022, I was kind, I held festivals, rode a bicycle, and thought about innovations. Now I’m angry, writing from Severodonetsk, which is being shelled by the Nazis.” This is a description of the Twitter page of Arif Bagirov, a 45-year-old local historian and a native of Severodonetsk. Before the war, he headed the Pruzhyna creative movement, was involved in the development of the city, and saved the Belgian heritage in the Luhansk region. Today, he is trying to survive by staying in his hometown, which is constantly bombarded, including phosphorus bombs. All this time Bagirov has been writing down his life, thoughts, and chronicles of the shelling on Twitter. With the permission of the author, Zaborona publishes lines from his online diary.


The war caught me in Starobilsk.

I went back home.

It’s not scary to die – it’s scary to live like me. And since I forgot how to be afraid, I just don’t want to reflect and the brain can’t handle it. Emotions that I have been pushing for 8 years to where the sun rarely looks will tear me to pieces.


Of course, it’s hard not to go crazy when you see shells sticking out of the Kharkiv asphalt. But we shouldn’t go crazy, we should speed up the brain processor. And it goes to maximum power, beware, bitches, we are preparing unpleasant surprises for you…

Are the Kadyrovites coming here? Wonderful! Our guys say they will not be taken prisoner, but I assure them that the living enemy will be more useful to us. We will keep it in the pigsty and demand ransom, and to stimulate the process we will beat the faces of bearded bastards with bacon pieces every night.

“Forgive me for attacking

Those who followed me and fell from the bullet

I should mourn you,

But I see with the eyes of the roads:

Your wives will cry for you, and mourn you

And the lamps will not go out…

Well, the Father can’t help it,

He knows how not to cry, but to take revenge…”

Nestor Makhno

Severodonetsk. The Grad rocket launchers work, judging by the sound. Soooo close…

For the past two days, he has dried up an ocean of tears and wiped tons of snot. Even in the war-torn region, people are not iron, they are nervous. I’m not iron either, but necessity and responsibility force me to grab nerves in my fist, to free them much later…


00:28 Today I will ask the Almighty for the Sabbath peace as never before because it has never been like this.

May the Lord bless us and preserve us, and may he look at us with his bright face and have mercy on us, and may the Lord look back at Ukraine, and may he send his holy peace – Shalom!

1:22 I’m still without a challah today because of the war, and I don’t dilute the wine, I’m sorry. But I’m not a drunkard; I’m just a little tired restless guy who worries not for himself but for many…

1:29 Explosion in old districts. The old woman with the braid is already near, sneaking. But I am ready to meet both her and the One to whom she will send me. I do not object, I will answer for what have I done…

At least, all this will end at last)))

10:01 The new reality. Thank God this is our BTR))) Severodonetsk is Ukraine!

12:35 Actually, that’s why I run this microblog – when I go to the valley of eternal hunting and can no longer write here, the last few years of my meaningless life will remain here as long as the Twitter servers are alive. I hope someone will be interested…

14:12 They’re shooting. Sort of like a rocket launcher. Sorry for everything …

18:03 Mostly quiet. Sometimes shootings. We monitor the unfolding events…

19:18 When I see the captured Russians (even the officers are among them), I admire our fighters. And not for the fact they detained captives, but because they didn’t kill them on the spot. I can imagine what it cost them. I wouldn’t like to be in such a situation. I could go crazy. I think many people could…


1:25 I love this city! I looked in the Telegram – almost everyone is asleep, bitch children, they don’t care)))) I’m almost the last to sit here at night. And this needs to be fixed! I will go to my God-given crib))) I wish the light in hearts and houses to all people in the world!

12:04 Fighting in the city…

12:18 It’s an unforgettable feeling when a machine gun rattles in your yard!)))) Uhhhh adrenaline! It has subsided so far. Network Internet is down while the mobile one is running, I will use it…

12:32 Now it is quiet, may the Lord bless us and have mercy on us…

14:16 The city is quiet, but the tension is in the air.

16:42 Ukrainians will survive even after a nuclear strike! Just at least to painfully kill the last Russian. After that, everything will be possible – the Russians will be cursed for a long time! Stop yourself, or I will be dangerous even under radiation sickness, even from the other side I will take revenge!!!!

20:46 Russian blitzkrieg took 8 villages in 8 days. There are no nine-story buildings in this area. Just several Khrushchev era and Stalin era apartment houses in Stanychka and Shchastia were “released” by these bitches. The second army in the world? Aha))))


13:42 Severodonetsk is firing back. In several directions. The earth is shaking, the internet is down, negotiations are standing still…

14:57 It’s quiet so far.

20:27 I have a daughter in Kyiv, mother, sister, nephews! If something happens to them, there will NEVER be good Russians for me! Even the dead will be disgusting! Bad fascist Russians – burn in hell, obedient animals! Die in agony, silent creatures! I hate you!!!!!!!

20:53 Diplomacy and humanism are over. I’m not going to silence anything anymore, I don’t want to. I want destruction in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and everywhere in the country as they do it here. Yes, I have “gone crazy”, good Arif is over, and this is bad news for everyone. First of all for me…

21:12 The Russians had the opportunity to stop the Rushists [Russians + fascists], but they did not use it. Because they do not exist – there are only Rushists, among which people are tormented, trying to tell the scum that they are scum. I remember each of them, they are Ukrainians, and they should live in a country of free people, not slaves!


00:44 If someone says I’m very bloodthirsty, yes, I’m in indignation like never before! And I’ve never used the words I use now – you can check all 18K tweets in 12 years. No hate at all, and until 2014, I was very nice.

Now it’s over, hate speech to victory!!

21:12 About motivation. Any Ukrainian can easily record a video message in which he will prove why he took up arms and why he will kill. What will the Russians write? “Cluck-cluck, the interests of Russia”, ” Cluck-cluck, there are Nazis, “banderacars”, and other nonsense. This is a war of masters with robbers…


8:31 Severodonetsk reports. The night passed calmly, the city was not stormed. A herd of Russian killers roams the surrounding forests, and when they enter the city, they die in the fire. The Nazis are not welcome here…

10:13 Yes, it’s loud, it becomes dangerous. Will I go to the shelter? No, of course, let the children with mothers have more oxygen. And I will accept death calmly if this is my fate. I am ready…

15:03 Russian rockets visited the center of Kharkiv again. The Rushist world, without building anything of its own and without taking this city, decided to destroy it. This is the essence of their “liberation” – to break everything that he is not capable to build.

15:13 Russian death is already coming to Severodonetsk. There are damages, including a kindergarten on the PK [household building], and in the new areas – Bukvar, Broadway, Bukhara. The number of victims is still unknown.

16:00 Why should I feel sorry for the dead invaders, if they are not feeling sorry for their mothers, relatives, and compatriots in general? They are happy that the soldier is being thrown into a meat grinder, and so am I. It’s a pity that so far all this game is happening in our territory, but it is short-lived. Very short…

16:12 Severodonetsk is shaking. Strongly. Details will be provided later. If I’ll have some luck)))

16:26 Silence in the city…

20:04 “Denazification” has reached such a level that even the chief rabbi of Ukraine demands that the murderers stop this massacre. He swore on the Torah that he saw the war in its purest form with his own eyes, blessed our defenders, and cursed the attackers. Well, I do not mind – he is not the first to do this)))))

20:36 Our favorite column “What’s happening here” in Severodonetsk))))

A quiet Ukrainian night descended on the city. Quiet until it is broken by fascist shells. We are fine, they will not take the city – the fighting mood reigns in both the military and locals.

Follow the news. I hope they will not be)))

22:44 Three huge strikes hit the city.

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