Річ, яка нагадує мені про сонце в зеніті

A thing that reminds me of a family ensemble

Throughout my childhood, I stared at the mysterious violin case lying on top of the wardrobe in my grandparents' apartment among a wooden box, a photo enlarger, and other of my grandfather's photo printing equipment. This magical suitcase was a magnet for my curiosity. I imagined a violin inside — not a Stradivari, of course, but only my aunt's, who was a music teacher. 

In fact, my grandmother’s mandolin that was always kept there. I first saw it in a family photo where my father and sister are sitting on a couch together with my grandparents, each holding an instrument, like a musical quartet. My father has an accordion, my aunt has a violin, my grandfather has a seven-string guitar, and my grandmother a mandolin. From this photo, it is easy to imagine a family ensemble that takes out their instruments on holidays and performs their favorite chamber music after dinner.

However, I’ve never heard any of them play. But I can imagine what my grandmother’s part would sound like at any moment, taking her mandolin out of its worn case and making the air inside the family instrument vibrate.