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How to Help the Army: Where to Donate Blood in Ukraine and Where to Send Money

How to Help the Army: Where to Donate Blood in Ukraine and Where to Send Money

Iryna Troian
How to help the army
  • On the morning of February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine, and martial law was imposed in the country.
  • A strategic blood supply is being formed in Kyiv in case of a large number of wounded. To donate you only need a passport.
  • The following are the addresses where you can donate blood in Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia attacked independent Ukraine. Martial law was imposed throughout the country, and people were urged to be near shelters. Civilians can donate blood to help the Ukrainian military and victims of insidious shelling. After all, donated blood is an important strategic reserve.

You can also support the army with money: everyone can see for themselves why.

The Zaborona provides a list of addresses where you can donate blood in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine.

How to help the army

The NBU has opened a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Details of the official special account: UA843000010000000047330992708

The account is multi-currency; it is created and opened both for transferring funds from international partners and donors — in foreign currency (US dollars, euros, British pounds), and from Ukrainian businesses and citizens – in national currency.


WARNING! Patreon Foundation is blocked, the information is being clarified.


Ethereum. Bitcoin and Tether (USDTtrc20):

BTC – 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P

ETH – 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14

USDT (trc20) – TEFccmfQ38cZS1DTZVhsxKVDckA8Y6VfCy

Cyberpolice has created crypto wallet to raise funds to fight the aggressor. 

The collected cryptocurrency will go to supporte  National Police, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine: 

Ethereum 0x76136B4d578Df727B132053d9a392eeF202F9a80 









Donate blood in Kyiv: addresses

On February 24, the National Military Medical Clinical Center (“Main Military Clinical Hospital”) of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in Kyiv requested the replenishment of donor blood supplies. It is needed in case of a large number of wounded.

To donate blood, you need to bring your passport and come to these addresses:

  • Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: Bratislavska street 5A; phone: 044 291 61 18; ready to accept 150 donors for the needs of the military hospital
  • Kyiv City Blood Center: Maxima Berlinskogo street, 12; phones: 044 453 98 63; 093 199 34 16.
  • Contact phone of the DonorUA Coordination Center: 067 208 03 03.

The link also contains the most important information for those who are going to become a donor.

UPDATED AT 13:00 ON FEBRUARY 25. Donor reception points will be open in Kyiv every day from 8:00 to 18:00, and specialists will process blood and its components during the night shift.

Due to the transition to round-the-clock operation, there are two pick-up points at the following addresses:

  • Maxim Berlinskogo street, 12 (8:00 – 18:00);
  • Petro Zaporozhets street, 26 (8:00 – 18:00).

More information via phone: 093-158-47-55 (Petro Zaporozhets, 26); 093-199-34-16 (Berlinskogo, 12).

Any citizen of Ukraine over the age of 18 who has passed the relevant medical examination and who has no contraindications specified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine can become a donor.

If possible, you can donate blood in other cities of Ukraine, especially residents of Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Odesa, Poltava regions.

Become a donor: addresses of points in other cities of Ukraine

Information collected according to the Donor.ua project:


  • Rivne Regional Blood Center;
  • S. Bandery street, 3;
  • 067 363 30 76.


  • Zaporizhzhia Regional Center Blood Service;
  • street Leonid Jabotinsky, 32;
  • 0612 89 81 91 — registry;
  • The blood center is ready to accept 100 donors daily.


  • Mykolayiv Regional Blood Transfusion Station;
  • lane Radio, 2;
  • 0512 46 13 22 — registry;
  • On February 24, 2022: the center accepts donors of all blood groups until 16:00.


  • Odesa Regional Blood Transfusion Station;
  • Biscuit Lane, 2;
  • 096 146 82 37;
  • 048 776 04 67 — registry;
  • no donors, critical need for all blood groups;
  • the blood center works in two shifts;
  • ready to accept 150-200 donors daily.


  • Lviv Regional Blood Service Center;
  • Pekarska street, 65. Horbal Igor Mikhailovich, donor department;
  • 032 276 97 68;
  • Lviv Regional Blood Service Center accepts donors without time restrictions;
  • the center asks not to call, but to come immediately;
  • donors of all blood groups are needed.


  • Chernihiv Regional Blood Center;
  • Pirogova street, 13;
  • 046 293 60 54;
  • blood of all groups is urgently needed;
  • there are wounded.


  • Kharkiv Regional Blood Service Center;
  • Klochkivska street, 366;
  • 057 341 48 78;
  • the center is ready to accept 200-250 donors daily;
  • some blood transport had to be canceled due to road closures;
  • 8:30 a.m., there were no blood donors at the Kharkiv Regional Blood Center at all.

At this link you can find out more addresses of blood centers in cities and regions of Ukraine.

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