How we work with authors

Zaborona is always open to cooperation with journalists\photo-\video creators, but we have editorial rules that we follow. Read them to make it as comfortable as possible to work with each other.

1. Look at the materials on our website and the editorial policy (here) to understand what topics we are interested in and what we do not allow when preparing publications.

2. When proposing a topic, describe how this material will look like: who will be your heroes and experts, whether multimedia is needed, and what is the purpose and impact. In feedback, editors can offer to fill in a pitch (rough outline of the material).

3. We love and value the exclusive. If you are preparing some material for Zaborona, you are not preparing it for other media.

4. We do not publish custom materials, unless it is a project of the advertising department.The conditions for advertising and cooperation can be found in communication with our editor-in-chief Yevheniia Kostina.