How we work with authors

We are always open to working with journalists, but Zaborona has editorial rules that we follow. Read them to make it as comfortable as possible for us to work with each other.

1. See the materials on our website and our editorial policy (here) to understand what topics are of interest to us and what we do not allow when preparing publications.

2. When you suggest a topic, immediately write what this material will look like. It is unlikely from an abstract sentence to write about “something” our editor will understand what you want to tell. It is best to send a pitch – a rough plan of the material.

3. We love and appreciate the exclusive. If you are preparing material for Zaborona, then you are not preparing it for other media.

4. We do not publish custom materials unless it is a project of the advertising department. Terms of advertising – in the section Advertising and ethical sponsorship .

If you like our editorial policy and want to make a material for Zaborona, write to our editor Yuliana Skibitskaya .

Or fill out this form .