Vacancy: Head of Sales

Head of Sales

Submission deadline: July 19, Monday

Job description

The position of Head of Sales includes systematic work on the sale and promotion of commercial products from the online publication ” Prohibition “, including advertising on the website and social networks, multimedia products, cooperation and partnerships with business and non-governmental organizations.

The area of responsibility of the head of sales includes the entire process of promoting and selling commercial products of the organization. The manager is part of the team and a key figure in communicating and building long-term relationships with customers and business partners.

Job responsibilities:

  • Market analysis, compiling a list of potential customers and establishing contact with them in order to offer commercial products of the organization;
  • Sales management at the organizational level: developing a business plan that  regulates sales, revenues and expenses;
  • Cooperation with the accountant and financial director in the process of concluding commercial documents and agreeing on the project price;
  • Negotiating and maintaining communication with clients in the process of project implementation, forming long-term relationships with them;
  • Support during the entire cycle of commercial cooperation, production team management and control of editorial and production tasks;
  • Development of a sales plan with key performance indicators and building a systematic sales process and distribution based on them;
  • Tracking sales goals and reporting results;
  • Constant sale of existing advertising and multimedia products to existing and new customers;
  • Development of new commercial products and their promotion on the market.

What we offer:

  • A good market salary, consisting of a fixed rate and a percentage of sales;
  • Projects that not only sell but also change the world for the better;
  • A team of like-minded people and friends with whom you can plan a budget and laugh at memes.

How to apply:

Until July 19, Monday,
fill out this vacancy form so we can find each other .