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“We Stand Strong under the Flag of Freedom!” Diary from under Shelling in Severodonetsk. Week Eight

“We Stand Strong under the Flag of Freedom!” Diary from under Shelling in Severodonetsk. Week Eight

Svitlana Stepanchuk
“We Stand Strong under the Flag of Freedom!” Diary from under Shelling in Severodonetsk. Week Eight

“Until February 24, 2022, I was kind, I held festivals, rode a bicycle, and thought about innovations. Now I’m angry, writing from Severodonetsk, which is being shelled by the Nazis.” This is a description of the Twitter page of Arif Bagirov, a 45-year-old local historian and a native of Severodonetsk. Before the war, he headed the Pruzhyna creative movement, was involved in the development of the town, and saved the Belgian heritage in the Luhansk region. Today, he is trying to survive by staying in his hometown, which is constantly bombarded, including with phosphorus bombs. All this time Bagirov has been writing down his life, thoughts, and chronicles of the shelling on Twitter. With the permission of the author, Zaborona publishes lines from his online diary. You can read the first, second, third, fourh, fifth, sixth, seventh parts by the links.


9:20 A tweet of morning joy. It is noisy in the town, enemies are shooting at us, but that’s it. The weather is sunny, warm; it’s humid after the rains and very spring-like. Another day we are closer to total victory over total evil, which seeks destruction and death. But we are a kick in their throats, and we need to cut those throats!

11:02 This whole Russian bastardity we see today is the result of centuries of negative selection. While in the world people tried to elevate the smartest, in Russia citizens were elevated according to their origin, and others were shot. So they degenerated, everything is simple…

13:18 With respect and love for @SNU_EDU, the most important part of the university’s archeological museum was evacuated from the building bombed by the Russcists. These are pots of catacomb culture found in recent excavations. Now they are safe. @Serhii86822355 I promised to take care, I did)))

Сєвєродонецьк і війна в Україні. Онлайн-щоденник. Тиждень восьмий

18:44 For some reason my internal processor is overloaded. Either it became difficult to understand everything, or a very large amount of information is being processed. I need to reboot, especially because it’s the end of the week, Shabbat, and even Passover with Easter)))

21:32 Rest in peace, get well soon…

Сєвєродонецьк і війна в Україні. Онлайн-щоденник. Тиждень восьмий
The spouse’s volunteers came under fire in Lysychansk. The man died, the woman is in intensive care. Peaceful, kind, positive people. RIP Andriy. Let’s pray for Olha’s recovery.

22:34 Unfortunately, not everything can be saved from the demoniac destroyers ((((

This Museum of Azot (and in fact of our town), apparently, hindered the Russcists, since today they destroyed it. The chthonic nation of burrows and cave darkness hates temples and light. The whole world hates them for this…

Сєвєродонецьк і війна в Україні. Онлайн-щоденник. Тиждень восьмий


10:01 Severodonetsk sends you rays of good hope; it still exists, is not going to give up and it even hopes for a quick victory. The situation is calm, we have the opportunity to move, and we will try to use it. Gas and water supply are being repaired, we have electricity. We are OK in general))))

14:38 Yes, I heard about 70% of the damage in the town. These numbers are not made up, this is the arithmetic mean. Gas stations, for example, are 100% destroyed, supermarkets too, it seems the only pharmacy left, and so on. And residential buildings, of course, are not destroyed completely. For example, people still live in a damaged house. We’ll fix it.

19:38 I’m afraid to jinx it or lie, but today no shell arrived from Russian idiots..

We have light, water in general, but no gas. It’s a day of rest before the historic Battle of Donbas. The truth is with us, lies will be disgraced, hordes of angels with swords will go ahead, and our warriors are the best!))))


10:32 Good morning, we are from Severodonetsk)))) It’s quiet and sunny here, and even if it’s not quiet, this “not quiet” is from our side rather than from Russcists. For example, if before we heard the shelling from Grad MLRS, and it 100% hit us, and now it’s not like that. The arrow turned, now it’s our turn, we’ll see it soon. Hold on!)))

18:37 Sorry, I was busy))) All day there were calls, meetings, interviews. So I write that everything is good and relatively quiet, which allowed me to deal with communications and logistics, with which there is something to work on. We stand strong in general)))


Сєвєродонецьк і війна в Україні. Онлайн-щоденник. Тиждень восьмий
People, you are incredible! Tomorrow these packages, collected at your expense and with my hands, will be sent to @Arifich, and from there to their Severodonetsk recipients. In addition, we buy the necessary equipment for the guys. Orders for the next tranche are already being accepted.

22:14 Yesterday I didn’t have time to tell you about one special operation, how important it is – you can tell yourself. One of my good friends with two daughters, left without window panes as a result of the Russcists’ attack. She packed her things, but could not take the scared cat that hid under the bathroom.

22:20 Fortunately, there was an old lady who lived nearby, who, in fact, cared for the coward cat. But lately it has become more and more difficult to get to the apartment to do so, and the owner turned to such “magicians” to transfer the kitty into good old lady’s hands at any cost. A challenge was accepted!)))

22:25 Since I’m neither a cat nor a dog lover, I attracted more advanced users and we started. Entering the apartment, the cat was not found, and we began to sniff anxiously. But the fears were in vain: there was much to suggest that the cat was in good health. And after 10 minutes of searching she was exposed.

22:37 Yes, she was there, under the bath))) Having previously received approval from the hostess to deconstruct everything that will prevent the rescue of her cat, the guys started the most interesting thing: getting her. At that time I was carrying out other tasks in the hall, and here she runs past me and gets under the sofa.

22:46 The guys rushed in after the kitty and began to get her out from under the sofa, from where she winded no less rapidly, dissolving no one knows where. We searched again and found her again, already in the children’s room. I slammed the door behind them and politely asked them not to go out without a kitty.

22:52 In a few minutes the weight was taken, the cat was packed in a basket and transferred to the old woman together with all her personal belongings. It all took 40 minutes))))

Now we have: an old woman who doesn’t have to walk down the streets to take care of a cat, a cat who will receive a good care, the cat’s owner in peace and self-satisfied us, sorry))))

Сєвєродонецьк і війна в Україні. Онлайн-щоденник. Тиждень восьмий


8.02 A new week has begun, resistance to Russcist aggression continues. From the moment of awakening I did not hear any signs of war – only birds. And it’s not bad; it will be possible to move around the town while there is a lot to do.

And everything is so cool, we stand strong under the flag of Freedom!))

8:34 The longer the war lasts, the more disdain the civilized world feels for the degenerate country and its inhabitants. With each destroyed Ukrainian house, the false image created by various “RussiaToday”s is destroyed. Russia is now cursed forever by God and Mankind, deservedly…

13:18 The disgusting country destroys the Kreminsky Forests National Park, and with it the main sports facility of the region, where Ukrainian Olympians trained. What the freaks, how can the earth tolerate their presence?! Concentrated evil, mega hatred, 140 million stupid slaves…

22:39 Today is probably the quietest day since the beginning of the war. It is clear: Russcist freaks were busy destroying Kreminna. This is probably a very dangerous town for the Russian empire, since it had to be destroyed and captured. But the Russian pigs were ordered – and the Russian pigs follow the order. They kill and destroy…

22:49 According to tradition, sometimes broken, here are some pictures of what I did and saw a year ago, and what I was deprived by Russcists this year…


8:13 Severodonetsk is here))) The morning started with the shelling, and then it rained and so far the shelling calmed down, they are not fighting in the rain. If cowardly throwing explosives from afar can be called a fighting. Russians are not warriors, they are bastard punishers, abominations and rot. We will survive, but they will not.

8:26 I don’t even know what’s annoying me more: what these underdeveloped people are doing in Ukraine, or how this filth rejoices at it.. The ruined Mariupol is a symbol of their “valor”, and they are also rewarded for the massacres near Kyiv. The real monsters at the state level. Destroy!!!

11:14 Easter cakes with with letter Z, the church domes with letter Z, the high priest Kirill orders to rape children and destroy cultural heritage… What does this destructive sect have in common with faith in the One God? Even the “Church of Satan” disowned this chthonic movement))

The real bastards…

16:40 Why didn’t I write? I was busy and cooked chicken soup)))) It can’t be cooked by itself, and I haven’t cooked such dishes for a long time. And so the health can deteriorate in two months in such circumstances, and if you do not eat, then you’ll get really sick. But I promised you to survive, and the soup will help me in this))))

20:12 Today, in addition to the usual deliveries, I helped some people to establish an automatic connection to the backup network. The water supply system is damaged, and while the heroic repairmen are fixing it, people will be in touch so that relatives do not worry. We are trying to do something, something good…


8:11 Well, the next day of the heroic confrontation of Ukraine with Russia, light with darkness, truth with lies has come. And for some reason this epic and historical battle was destined to happen here. Well, here so here, it’s not a problem if we have to rid the world of the Russcist-nuclear threat)))


01:34 The Internet has appeared, so I tweet here. Everything is fine, we live, we stand)))

They shoot, but that’s it…

18:33 I traveled on business. This is Azot behind me, undamaged in general)))

Сєвєродонецьк і війна в Україні. Онлайн-щоденник. Тиждень восьмий

20:16 What did I do while sitting without the Internet? I didn’t sit idle, I was constantly doing something. There is nothing to deliver yet, the parcel from the Dnipro has not arrived, and all items received have been delivered. So I ran around the house, tidying up and listening to lectures on Architecture, Avant-gardism, Archeology, Anarchism and Arithmetic)))

22:14 Photos from “A year ago” cycle. Ukrainian yellow and blue colors to your feed)))

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