Stebnyk Disappearing. Місто, що зісковзує у провалля
Stebnyk Disappearing. Місто, що зісковзує у провалля

Stebnyk Disappearing. A Town Sliding into an Abyss

Khrystyna Solomonchuk

Zaborona presents Khrystyna Solomonchuk’s autobiographical visual story about her hometown of Stebnyk, Lviv region. The author explores the issues of personality formation and identification, immerses herself in memories, and communicates with the phantoms of her childhood in a town threatened with collapse due to its location on abandoned salt mines. In conditions of anxiety and despair arising from the possibility of not returning to Stebnyk one day, when everything will be destroyed, Khrystyna thinks about the issues of the Motherland and Home.

Khrystyna’s world


“My native place, where I was born, grew up, formed, and gave life. My place of strength. How much longer will you stay? And I?”



“What kind of foundation can be laid on a void? Will my self disappear along with the parental home?’




“Childhood and the unique history of an individual is the foundation that determines his future.”

About the author:

Khrystyna was born in the early 1980s, during the baby boom in Stebnyk. She was brought up by her grandmother, who still lives in the town. She talks to her by phone every day. Khrystyna is raising her son Mark, who is fond of rare cars and photography and sometimes accompanies her during filming in Stebnyk.

Most of the photos were taken in 2021. After leaving her job and breaking up a relationship, Khrystyna starts life with a clean slate, returns to herself, and remembers her dreams. To do this, she visits her small homeland every weekend.